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Wear is your problem? We have the solution!

Welcome to BorTec GmbH & Co.KG. If you have a problem with wear we will help you to solve it. 

We are a globally active company in the field of wear protection by means of boronizing (also known as boriding).

Our wide range consists of:

  • Borocoat®-coatings enabled by the Borodur® boronizing process
  • EKabor® boronizing agents and boronizing equipment
  • RAPIDQUENCH - hardening of HTCS 130
  • Heat treatment in vacuum and protective atmospheres
  • Professional advise due to high-level know-how in material engineering.

We have developed the Borodur® boronizing process. This boronizing technology is based on a thermochemical process during which hard and wear resistant Borocoat® layers are obtained by diffusing boron into the surface of the material.

The application of these layers are wide spread in the field of mechanical engineering such as : tool manufacturing, automotive industry, oil production devices (e.g. pumps, valves, burners) , plant and apparatus engineering.

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