The benefits of EKABOR boronizing agents

Boronizing agents differ in the state of aggregation they are available but have one particular thing in common. They generate extremely hard boride layers on metallic work pieces.Boronizing is a process used to increase the wear resistance of surface of different metal components used in the heavy machinery industry, the oil & gas industry, the construction of machines and powertools, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. In order to achieve this, a boron-releasing substance has to come in contact with the metal at a certain temperature and for a predetermined time. The boronized parts develop superior anti-adhesive properties and have excellent abrasion resistance. In turn, this results in less maintenance costs and a longer service life.In order to start initiate the thermochemical diffusion process, boronizing requires an inert filler (usually SiC) and an activator. Commonly used activators are Na2CO3, KBF4 and Na2B4O7.During the process, boronizing agents of different states of aggregation can be utilized. Boron-yielding substances are for example boron carbide, ferroboron, borax and crystalline boron. EXABOR: boronizing agents with high layer qualityBoronizing powder and paste belong to the group of solid boronizing agents. Compositions of ferroboron and a suitable activator, B4C, Na3AlF6 and ethyl silicate or amorphous boron plus an activator are generally used during the process. After pre-heating the metal work piece in a furnace, the metal piece is packed into the solid boronizing agent at a temperature between 750 and 950° Celsius. This initiates the 3 to 5 hours lasting diffusion process resulting in an extremely hard boride layer.The EKABOR products are widely recognized boronizing agents for this purpose and well-known for their cost effectiveness. The products are available in different compositions as granulate and paste and can be applied to a wide range of alloys, cermet materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals.Since liquid and gaseous boronizing agents come along with several concerns regarding cost effectiveness, toxicity and reproducibility, they are currently not considered state of the art technologies. If you need high quality boronizing agents, the best option is to rely on the EKABOR products, 100% made in Germany.

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