Surface hardening of metals with EKABOR products

The EKABOR product line is a range of boronizing agents available as granulate or paste and in different compositions. Therefore they are suitable for the boronizing of various metals, alloys and cermet materials.The thermochemical process of boronizing creates a surface with high micro-hardness (1600 – 1900 HV) and no mechanical interface between the work piece and the borides. It is thus a diffusion process resulting in a case layer with various desirable properties. These include for example a reduced tendency to cold weld, increased resistance to hydrochloric acids, resistance to extreme strain due to high temperatures and pressure and a reduced coefficient of friction of 0.4. It is possible to selectively apply the boronized layer on only parts of a metal piece and to treat components with complex geometry and irregular shape.After the boronizing process, further treatments are possible to gain even better results regarding hardness and durability. Polishing to a high-end finish is of course also possible. The benefits of EKABOR productsEKABOR is a worldwide renowned boronizing agent made in Germany. There are different compounds of EKABOR available on the market, each one individually meeting the special requirements of different metals and alloys. Suitable for boronizing are e.g. ferrous metals such as carbon steels, tool steels and cast iron, non-ferrous metals such as titanium, niobium and molybdenum and various alloys based on Ti and Ni.The constant development of the EKABOR boronizing agents lead to a high-quality product for a wide range of applications. Main industries relying on a specified boronizing service include Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Heavy Machinery and Energy. Boronizing adds various properties to metal components that are under heavy strain due to extreme temperatures, pressure or friction. But not only has the high processability made EKABOR one of the best available products one the market, customers are generally also convinced by its cost effectiveness and the maximum layer quality.

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  • Boronizing (boriding) with our BOROCOAT® technology and process development.
  • Subsequent heat treatments such as vacuum hardening and tempering.
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Providing of EKABOR® boronizing agents
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