Automotive Engineering

Borocoat®-Diffusion layers are heat resistant up to approx. 1000°C and are suitable in the hot gas path of turbo charger production as well as engine technology.

The excellent wear protection by boronizing components consisting of heat resistant austenitic steels such as AISI 310 (1.4845) and nickel-based alloys like Inconel®, Hastelloy® and Haynes® shows a particular unique feature. The applied layer thicknesses are typically between 10-60 µm with hardnesses of up to 3000 HV.

Borocoat® layers protect automotive components against:

  • abrasive wear
  • fretting corrosion
  • hot gas corrosion
  • cold welding

Properties Borocoat®

  • High hardness of 1400-2800HV depending on the base material
  • High layer hardness also on unalloyed steels
  • Significantly improved adhesion compared to conventional hard material coatings
  • High resistance against abrasive wear
  • High resistance against adhesive wear
  • Good stability at high temperatures
  • Good resistance against meltings of Al and Zn
  • Good behaviour with respect to acids

Detailed information on the properties of the boride layers can be downloaded here.