Wear protection for powertools by boronizing

Wear protection for powertools by boronizing

Power tools are tools such as drilling machines, grinding machines, chain saws, jigsaws and buzzsaws are subject to high wear. In the professional field, these tools are used daily and are therefore subjected to a higher risk of wear than tools that are used in home improvement. From the point of view of construction, this vulnerability to wear poses a frequent but serious problem. By boronizing by means of the BoroDur treatment, BorTec provides an efficient method to protect power tools from wear.

Reasons for Boronizing power tools

Due to their way of functioning, drilling and chisel machines are subject to intense commotion and verberations. Hammer mills and tool holders are exposed to surface spalling and abrasive wear due to mineral dust, for example. Case-hardened steels whose surface has been boronized offer great protection against surface spalling, adhesion and abrasion while demonstrating excellent toughness in the core of the material. High quality saws for wood and minerals are characterized by their outstanding edge holding abilities as well as the small elongation of their chain. Chain links and bolts are susceptible to chafing stress and therefore, high abrasive wear. Boronizing these components offers a long term solution to work without wear and improved durability of chain links and bolts. In comparison to conventional methods, the BoroDur® treatment improves wear protection for a much longer period of time.



Which materials can be treated?

All materials used for power tools can be hardened by means of boronizing. Most frequently, case-hardened steels and quenched and tempered steels are boronized. The Borodur treatment by Bortec is best suited for these steel grades but can be applied to other types of steel as well. Treating case-hardened and quenched and tempered steels with an additional BoroCoat® diffusion layer ensures an even superior wear protection of the parts. Borocoat® layers that have been produced in the Borodur® process provide hard surfaces while simultaneously maintaining a high strength core, preventing any brittleness.

BorTec’s services for manufacturers of power tools

Bortec offers complete heat treatment services in the area of power tools. Complex combinations of methods such as case-hardening, boronizing, diffusion annealing, vacuum hardening and tempering are handled all at once within a short processing time.

Borocoat®-diffusion coatings protect against:

  • abrasive wear
  • cold welding
  • fatigue

Properties Borocoat®

  • High hardness of 1400-2800HV depending on the base material
  • High layer hardness also on unalloyed steels
  • Significantly improved adhesion compared to conventional hard material coatings
  • High resistance against abrasive wear
  • High resistance against adhesive wear
  • Good stability at high temperatures
  • Good resistance against meltings of Al and Zn
  • Good behaviour with respect to acids

Detailed information on the properties of the boride layers can be downloaded here.